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Sonography During Pregnancy

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Sonography During Pregnancy

An Ultrasound test is a diagnostic medical imaging technique, which is performed to view a patient's internal organs and to assess his or her blood flow through various vessels. An Ultrasound is also very usefull when performed on a pregnant lady so an obstetrician can check on the developing baby. It does this with the help of high-frequency sound waves which have no adverse effect on the body.

Your average Ultrasound machine or scanner will consist of a computer, a display screen and a transducer probe that is used to scan the body. The transducer is the small gadget that the Ultrasound technician will hold in his or her hand and that is attached to the scanner. This is the part of the Ultrasound scanner that is placed on top of the area of the body that needs to be scanned; the respective area will be lubricated with a special gel. The transducer transmits the sound waves that go through the body and the internal structure of the body reproduces them as "echoes". These echoes return to the transducer which in turn transmits them to the computer part of the Ultrasound scanner which will exhibit them as real-time visual images.

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3 Months Sonography

It is believed, that 3 months pregnant women start to glow. The hormonal changes are in a full swing and now the woman produces the female hormones in double – it’s hard to hide the sparkling eyes, shiny skin, and the growing bump. But there are still things to discuss.

An Expectant Mother

The level of hormones in your blood has reached its maximum, that’s why morning sickness, nausea, vomiting and tiredness won’t become stronger and, on the contrary, have already started to subside. But changeable mood can remain even at this stage. Your breasts and belly can swell a bit, so you can boldly go to the store for future mothers and get more comfortable clothes. The uterus is growing week by week and by the end of the month it fills the whole pelvic area. The expectant mother’s body is changing, so it is completely natural that your weight will increase comparing to the usual.

6 Months Sonography (Weeks 22-26)

  • Your baby is 28cm long; his weight is over 450gm.
  • -His face is more obvious, and his lips are well formed.
  • -Canine and incisor tooth buds appear just below the gums in preparation to appear a few months after birth.
  • -His eyes are formed but no pigmentation of the iris yet.
  • -Blood is pumped at a rate of 4 miles/hour.
  • -Deep wrinkles gradually disappear as more fat is deposited under skin.
  • -You may experience stretch marks on your abdomen, so try to keep your skin well moisturized during pregnancy.
  • -You may be forgetful.
  • -Try to buy your baby’s equipment like buggies, car seats.
  • -Consider thinking about your baby’s name.
  • 9 Months Sonography

    At 39 weeks, your baby is about 50.7cm (20in) long from head to heel and weighs over 3.3kg (7.2lb), about the same as a mini watermelon. These are just average figures though, and anything between 2.5kg (5.5lb) and 4.0kg (8.8lb) is considered to be a normal birth weight.

    Your baby's lungs are now fully developed, and she's ready to take her first breath. She's perfectly formed, and won't change much more before you get to meet her for the first time.

    If you're still pregnant at 41 weeks, your baby may be getting a bit cramped in there. Your midwife will offer you a membrane sweep to get labour going. If that doesn't kick things off, you'll be offered an induction of labour. However and whenever your baby is born, it will be the start of an incredible journey for you both.

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