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Baby Care

Baby Care

Newborn Bady Care

Newborn babies are cute, cuddly and confusing! From coping with colic to breastfeeding setbacks, here's what you need to know about a newborn's early days.

Cleaning Your Hands Before You Touch The Baby :

No matter how hygienic you are, your skin harbors some bacteria that might not be good for a newbie. You don’t want to bother her parents by exposing the baby to a flu-causing agent, for instance. Rather keep an instant hand sanitizer handy before you can touch the baby.

Don’t Visit A Baby If You Are Sick :

There is no need to. The baby is not going to be offended! Moreover, you don’t want to transmit the pathogens you might be harboring right now. It’s OK to reshuffle the long-awaited appointment until you are well again.

Don’t Stay Too Long During The Visits :

You might be enticed to stay for long because it feels nice to keep watching the baby and want to believe that the new mommy is equally excited to have you there. But, she needs to catch up with a lot of uninterrupted sleep. She is already tired with her breastfeeding sessions and pumping milk. Moreover, she keeps waking up to check on her baby, to feed the baby, or change the baby’s diapers. So letting her sleep early is equally important.

Be A Helping Hand :

New moms need more help than you think. They need to devote the first few weeks caring for and nursing the child. If you can drop in to help in her daily chores, so she can look after the child, you don’t know what big a relief you can bring to her. Also, you can walk in with some healthy home-made foods that will lessen her burden of cooking. You could make a call before arriving, just in case you come at a time when she is almost disheveled! Get some power snacks too. New moms need extra energy to make milk and to be in good health themselves.

These simple rules hold good for people of all ages and generations when you go to visit a newborn. You might have a few surprises here and there because you haven’t seen such a tiny baby in a long time, but once you see the cute little face, you will want to come back again and again. And of course, nobody would mind if you can shower the new baby with a meaningful gift with the best utility.

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